Evaluation of hubs is ongoing and focused on three core domains: integration, access, and quality. While being tailored to each hub, a common evaluation approach and minimum data set (MDS) will ensure standardized measurement of elements such as:

  • Youth and family perceptions of care
  • Social and psychological functioning of youth
  • Wait times for services
  • Process of integrating services and implementing each hub
  • Degree of youth and family engagement
  • Adherence to the YWHO model
  • Degree of network integration and collaboration

Tablets will be used for youth to enter information about themselves. The data captured can demonstrate youth functioning over time and the effectiveness of the youth hub model in Ontario.

At each hub, evaluation will help to provide comprehensive information that can contribute to:

  • Improving alignment with the core components of YWHO
  • Reducing wait times
  • Increasing access to service
  • Improving clinical outcomes
  • Improving ways of working together as a network


If you have questions about YWHO, please email info@youthhubs.ca

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